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"Land memory and artwork" - Toshimitsu Ito szobrászművész előadása

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Helyszín: PTE MK, Képzőművészeti Intézet, E33 / 121

Dr. Toshimitsu Ito japán szobrászművész (a Hiroshima City University professzora) "Land memory and artwork - Emlékhelyek és műalkotások" címmel előadást tart karunkon 2024. április 22-én, hétfőn 14 órakor az E33-as épület 121-es Lantos-teremben. FB:

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"Land memory and artwork" - a lecture by sculptor and professor Dr. Toshimitsu Ito (Hiroshima City University) at the Institute of Fine Art (University of Pécs, Faculty of Music and Visual Arts), on April 22th, 2 pm, building E33 / Room 121.

In recent years in East Asia (from around 2010), art festivals have been held that are rooted in the history, culture, and climate of different regions. In many cases, residents of these regions and local governments act as organizers of the exhibitions, working with professional producers specializing in the visual arts to plan and host the festivals. Since the 2000s, Japan's rural population has been declining and aging at an accelerating rate, and the unique culture and living environment of rural areas are disappearing. Artists participating in the art festivals draw inspiration from the history and climate of these regions and create their works with the cooperation of local residents. The relationship between the artwork and its surroundings is an important element of the exhibition, as the artists themselves decide where their artwork will be installed.
Since 2016, I have been participating in the "SETOUCHI TRIENNALE," which is one of the factors contributing to the spread of the art festival as we know it today, and have been creating large outdoor sculptures with the cooperation of students and local residents. In this presentation and workshop, I will introduce artworks created for the SETOUCHI TRIENNALE and for a series of exhibitions I produced called "TSUSHIMA ART FANTASIA," focusing on the importance of artists exploring local environments and the effects of installing artworks in these environments.

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