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Short-term programs

When the goal is not necessarily acquiring a BA or MA degree, but rather getting acquainted with our Faculty for possible future studies and/or gaining some knowledge in the theory and practice of the arts abroad, experiencing immersion in a new culture to gain a global mindset – you should consider studying one or two semesters with us, or spend just one or two weeks while attending an intensive summer university program. Beyond getting a lifetime experience, studying abroad will surely expand your future employment prospects as well.

Study with us for one semester or a full academic year

If you are an art student at another university already, having the necessary basic knowledge and academic background, you can spend one or two semesters at our Faculty. You can pick and choose classes from the course list of the given semester and your tuition fee shall be determined based on the classes/credits you select. Your home university may recognize the credits completed in Hungary which can then count towards your fulltime studies. Please make sure to enquire about this possibility at your institution at home.

The available study fields are the same as in the case of fulltime degree programs.

Summer University Programs for groups

We offer intensive short-term programs for students interested in or already devoted to the arts in different fields. Prices of the programs vary depending on particular arrangements, quotes are provided upon request. Please note that these programs are offered for groups only, with a minimum number of about 10 participants. A more detailed description and content of each course shall be provided upon request.


Available Programs

Study field: Folk Music and Dance

Length: 5 days

Brief description: The students will get acquainted with the theory and practice of Hungarian folk music and dances, traditional instruments and dance styles. What is folk music and why we need it? Researchers and collectors including Bartok and Kodaly. Traditions, the Hungarian dance-house movement, folk music today. Folk music and dance types, dialects in theory and practice.

The course concludes with a folk dance event with live music and dance. 


Study field: Sculpture / Metal Casting

Length: 11 days

Brief description: During the creative camp, theoretical and practical lectures will take place to provide participants with the basic knowledge needed to create sculptures with the lost wax casting method in the Foundry. The participants of the creative camp are free to work on their projects under the guidance of the instructors during the camp without any restrictions on size or genre (within the limits of the quantities of material available).


Study field: Sculpture / Wood Sculpting

Length: 5 days

Brief description: On the first day, participants will learn about the two different basic sculptural approaches, namely structural construction and a sculpture made directly from a piece of log. Detailed description of the tools and possibilities of direct hand carving, presentation of their use will also take place. After the theoretical training, a wood sculpture will be carefully designed. Based on the on the plans the sculptures will be created and elaborated on by each participant during the rest of the week, under the supervision of the instructors.


Study field: Painting

Length: 5 days

Brief description: The course begins with making a painting together as a warm-up. One of the masterpieces of Western painting is divided into parts, and each participant paints their own part in color harmonies of their own choice but different from the original. Then we assemble the parts and make the necessary painting adjustments. Thus, we create a paraphrase of a masterpiece together in a single image. For the rest of the course, participants will perform various guided tasks under the supervision guidance of the instructors. They gain theoretical knowledge about the following fields and then paint their own picture: still life, abstract painting, portrait, nude, fantasy painting, landscape.


Study field: Designer Making / Concrete Sculpture, Concrete Casting

Length: 5 days

Brief description: During the course, participants will have the opportunity to learn the basics of mold making and concrete casting. During the one-week course, students make the negative of a box made of polystyrene sheets under the guidance of a teacher, then make the concrete box by pouring it into the mold, and finally carry out the final surface sanding and refinement. Participants gain basic technical knowledge of working with concrete as well as the basics of thinking in negative spatial forms.


Study field: Graphic Arts / Typography and Riso

Length: 5 days

Brief description: During the one-week course, students will learn the basics of experimental typography and font design, as well as the appropriate software (Glyphs, Adobe Illustrator) in addition to letter anatomy and style history. We examine the different image qualities and possibilities that can be created by simple vector graphic forms. The creation of the compositions is followed by manual printing: after describing the technology of rhizography, we analyze the possible imaging role of colors, transparent surfaces, raster grids and contrasts. The outcome of this one-week course is a series of small-format print graphics created by the interaction of these different graphic areas.


Study field: Electronic Music and Media Arts / Nature and Technology

Length: 5 days

Brief description: The modern world is vigorously looking for creative solutions to connect technological advances with near-natural ways of life. During the course, we practice using off-grid technologies in a variety of situations to create works of art, especially sound. One part of the program takes place on campus, the other part in the semi- or fully nomadic areas of the Hangfarm creative colony - the latter is especially recommended for determined, adventurous students who are interested in art and creative solutions.


For further information please contact the Faculty’s international coordinator:

Beáta Seres